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Turning Point Ranch is pleased to share with you some of our horses that have gone on to bigger and better things.





TP Tres Chocolat’- 2007 Purebred Arabian filly

TP Emma Peele – 2007 Welara filly

Johanna McDonnell Wrote:

Thank you for such beautiful horses to both of you. Watching them run is poetry in motion and they are truly beautiful and so gentle.  Thank you for giving them such a great positive start.... 

I must say something here.  Please, please continue to breed Arabians,  it is entirely your choice, but, look what an absolute dream Tres Chocolat is.




BG Galaxy

2006 registered Chestnut partbred Arabian Colt


Flaxen liver chestnut, this colt comes from proven US Endurance lines, is very typey and correct. Very Kind nature, versatile for any discipline, should also excel in distance events. BG Galaxy is a breeding stock Pintabian colt, ( 99.8+% Arabian blood ) of intense Crabbet lines. A very unique, one-of-a-kind pedigree http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/bg+galaxy





TP Saltaire

2006 registered Bay Anglo Arabian Colt

TP Saltaire is a stunning Anglo colt

He Represents “Premier” TB and Arabian lines

Very Unique , One-of-a-Kind Pedigree






TP Piquante  

(El Faizar X Sandarac Santana)


1987 Grey “Polish / CMK breeding at its finest”






WRA Black Satin

Diane Ross wrote:

Thanks & I love 'Satin'. She's a sweetie & a character, too! She’s now with my other 5 mares & doing really well. She's best friends with my buckskin paint mare who's 5yrs old. I can hardly wait till I can start working with her...!





Margaret Janzen wrote:

“Pharaoh is just what we hoped he would be, and we love him already.  He has been on the trails a few times,  the corral ridden bareback a number of times and even in our local parade.  He had a look at the bagpipes who were practising beside us, but he is not really afraid of anything, just interested.  (I once heard that the definition of a gentleman is a man who knows how to play the bagpipes, but doesn't!).  We clipped and partially bathed him and he was a trouper about that.  He looked very handsome all Show Shined up. He will be going out into the pasture with the mares this weekend. He has made the transition well.  He has a lovely attitude, due in part I am sure to having been well-treated in your home. He just expects that things are going to go well here.” 




Penny Farthing

Penny Blair wrote:

Hi, I wanted to let you know Penny, we call her Farthy now, is doing very well.  She is very tuned into me when we are working.  She is a very good girl, we pulled her mane and combed out her tail and we didn't even have her caught.  I can lead her all around our farm and she is just great..!  April 12 Update: Farthy has become quite the QUEEN around here.  She is so good to work with, this is the first time saddled this year and lunged and she just behaves and works.  She is about 15'1 at the wither right now and just over 15'2 at the bum, she will be a nice size. 




Tori Hurrell wrote:

“Trev is GREAT!! He is assisting in breaking a three year old Lipizzan.  We are going to pony him around the park soon as well.  So we really appreciate Trevor and his wisdom and his patience :)  He is such a good boy.  I so love him *sigh*  It is so great to just hop on and go.  He is an amazing horse. 

 I am so glad you decided to let me take him!! “



Danielle wrote:

“ He is such a cool little pony. Very quite and easy going. I've taken him on a few trail rides and he was a complete sweet heart. He looks so cute! But he also looks really big with all that hair on him! He is so so fuzzy he is definitely ready for winter. Mister is doing great! He is as cute as ever! He is so funny to lunge, he is really good but in the yard there is this big dirt mound and if I give him enough length while lunging he loves to jump up it and down it. I find most horses would rather go around it but he loves it when I let him jump up it. “





( Winraff X Canyon Mist )

Click here for a more detailed description, pedigree, and photos


Follow this Link to view extended pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/Nicola






TP Premiere Etoile (Tilly)

( El Faizar X Kheir Santessa )


Follow this Link to view extended pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/Premiere+Etoile




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Last Updated: April 25, 2009